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movies- shuttle
shuttle, horror/ thriller, now i watched this some time ago and, once again totally forgot about it. so rented it again and found out. the thing is (and this is becoming a pattern) this was so much better the 2nd time round. i think the last time i watched it i was complacent about movies and maybe took them for granted a little; plus i had a totally different agenda watching them back then, but now they're all coming alive. this is definitely worth a whirl, sure it's simple, sure it's sometimes (durrr...why would you do that) obvious; but, and this is by no means a small `but` to a horror blogger; there is so much total crap out there and so much stuff that is so up its own anus that when you come across something simple and in it for the love of it you should give it your time. 68/100 IMDB

hey video guy, you knew...and you never said coz you knew....damn! you're good.
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