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simple, quick-look reviews NOT major dissection of, mainly, horror movies.

9 January
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this is a film blog about films that i've watched. i score them out of 100 IN MY SUBJECTIVE OPINION based on whether i liked or hated the film and, more importantly whether or not i thought i had wasted my money; and IMDB them as well as put a youtube trailer for you. complete package in one blog. if you like the look of a film, write it down and get down to your local video rental shop where they will be happy to rent it to you. it is updated at least twice a week so new movies come up all the time. **disclaimer THIS IS A SIMPLE REVIEW WITH 4 OR 5 LINES AT MOST. IT IS MEANT TO BE A `QUICK LOOK` BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT TO THE VIDEO SHOP AND NOT MAJOR DISSECTION. THERE ARE OTHERS ON HERE WHO DO THAT AND SOME DO IT WELL, SOME NOT SO WELL. I PREFER TO LET YOU MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP**.
if my blog has been helpful to you, let others know. knowledge is power, as they say. consider this blog as being stood next to someone at the coffee machine and they ask you while their coffee pours, "Watched anything good lately?"
if there are films you've watched and think they deserve a place on the blog, comment me and i'll do my best. this is work in progress as i have quite a few movies to blog yet and tons to see so if it's not an instant appearance, chill out and let me get round to it.

thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and enjoy your film.