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movies- shutter
shutter, horror, thriller. i managed to get hold of this Thai horror through video guy (of course) and, as it is, i havent seen the US remake yet so i was doubly excited. being called `shutter` it can only be about a few things in this small world and my first guess was spot on though that did didn't spoil things, it rarely does. what i can say is that i can't see hollywood making this any better. this was perfect, for what it was; it was well made and executed and i can't see the need for an english speaking version of events. if you can't read the subs- go to school, if you're just in it for the horror- what's the problem? as i said i havent seen the remake but you can bet your nelly it won't be as good as this one. get it, ask for it and don't be satisfied until they provide it. the customer is king, after all. don't forget. 81/100 IMDB

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