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movies- katalin varga
Katalin Varga, drama/ crime/ thriller; Now I waited and waited for this, and now, I got it. This was a story with an ending. Romanian/ Hungarian (sub’s) film written and directed by peter Strickland (uk); this lent itself to easy conclusions and emotions. it's as far from Hollywood as you can get, film wise and It’s indie, make no mistake; it will leave you screaming “why did’nt you just say it it?” among others, at the screen, but for all the will in the world, it couldn’t go on. this was a story with a full stop at the end. I would watch this again, wherever/ whenever it was on again. Worth your money if you can find it. 73/100 IMDB

video guy, you're going to have to work hard to please me this august man, coz i got films on my mind.....


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